Are You Eligible for Kybella?

Reducing your double chin and achieving a slimmer, more contoured profile can make you look much younger and more attractive. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through an invasive procedure with a long recovery period to achieve this goal. At Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina, we can target the excess fat under your chin with Kybella. This injectable treatment will give you a new look in a quick, minimally invasive manner.

Are You Eligible for Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that can minimize the prominence of your double chin. If you are an adult who wants to reduce moderate-to-severe fat under your chin, you are likely to be eligible for this treatment. In fact, you may be a good candidate for this treatment even if you cannot receive an invasive cosmetic procedure like liposuction. Since this straightforward treatment doesn’t require you to receive incisions or general anesthesia, it is very gentle on your body.

Although this treatment is simple and straightforward, it is not right for everyone, and certain health conditions may prevent you from using this injectable product. For instance, you cannot receive this treatment while you have an infection in your target area.

During your first meeting with us, we will analyze your treatment area and talk about your medical history. At this point, you should tell us about any health conditions that you have, including any aesthetic treatments or procedures that you have received on your chin, face, or neck. You should also tell us if you have bleeding issues, difficulty swallowing, or if you take any medications that stop your blood from clotting. We will use this information to decide whether you are eligible for this treatment.

Why Am I Struggling to Reduce My Double Chin on My Own?

Your chin has a significant impact on your overall appearance. Since your face is very prominent and visible, a double chin will make you look heavier and less attractive than you really are. Since this feature is very noticeable, it’s unsurprising that sixty-seven percent of people in a survey said that the extra fat under their chins bothered them.

Reducing this facial feature by adopting lifestyle changes can be very difficult. There are many reasons why you are struggling to fix your double chin on your own:

Age-Related Changes

You probably already know that getting older increases your chances of gaining weight. As you age, your muscle mass lessens, and your metabolism slows down. As a result, you are likely to gain fat under your chin. Further, as you age, your skin becomes weaker and less resistant to the effects of gravity. Your loose, sagging skin will make the excess fat under your chin look larger and more prominent.

The Role of Your Genes

Your genes can also give you a noticeable double chin. Your genes influence where you gain fat, and if your family members have a tendency to gain fat under their chins, you may as well. These genetically determined fat deposits do not respond well to diet and lifestyle changes. Even if you avoid desserts and exercise every day, you probably won’t be able to reduce your double chin because your body simply “wants” to put fat in this spot.

Weight Gain

As you go through life, stressful situations, injuries, and other setbacks can make you adopt a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet that leads to unwanted weight gain. Since your chin is relatively small, gaining any weight in this area will give you a prominent double chin that changes your profile and overall appearance.

Improper Posture

If you spend a lot of time using a cell phone, computer, or another electronic device, you may have improper posture that contributes to your chances of developing a double chin. This habit will weaken muscles in your chin and neck and decrease the elasticity of the skin in these areas of your body. Over time, these issues will make your double chin more noticeable. Since computers and cell phones are part of everyday life, you cannot avoid using the devices that contribute to this issue.

A New Solution

Trying to reduce your double chin with lifestyle changes is an extremely demoralizing experience. You will feel disappointed and let down when your healthy diet and strenuous exercise routine fail to change your double chin in a meaningful manner. Fortunately, you don’t have to use these methods to improve your appearance. Unlike diet and exercise programs, this injectable treatment can directly target the stubborn fat beneath your chin.

How Does This Treatment Reduce My Double Chin?

This innovative treatment uses a sophisticated technique to reduce unwanted fat under your chin. This injectable solution contains deoxycholic acid. Your body uses this substance to process dietary fat. Once we inject this product into your treatment area, the acid will destroy fat cells under your chin.

The targeted cells will be unable to store fat, and your body will remove your dead cells over a period of several weeks. As your body processes these cells, your appearance will gradually improve. Your double chin will become less noticeable, and your profile will become slimmer and more contoured.

How Should I Prepare for My Appointment?

Since this treatment is minimally invasive, you don’t have to do much to prepare. That said, we will ask you to follow some simple steps in the days and weeks before your appointment.

Early Preparations

For two weeks before your appointment, you should stop taking aspirin and high does of Vitamin E. You also should avoid taking other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and supplements like Advil, ibuprofen, Aleve, Ginkgo biloba, fish oil, and St. John’s Wort.

Your Appointment Week

You may take Arnica starting three to five days before your treatment session. Arnica is a herbal remedy that has been in use for a very long time. Taking this substance will help your body prepare for your treatment.

Appointment Day

You should not drink alcohol for at least twenty-four hours before treatment. Instead, you should eat a snack or light meal and drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated and eating will help you stay calm and prevent you from feeling lightheaded.

What Will My Appointment Be Like?

Your appointment will be a quick, easy process, and you should feel relaxed as you begin your treatment plan.

We will examine your treatment area and create temporary marks on your skin. These marks will help us administer your injections in an accurate manner. After we have sterilized your skin, we will use a very small needle to perform your injections. This is a quick process, and you will feel at ease during this portion of your treatment.

How Long Will My Recovery Period Be?

This treatment has minimal downtime, and you will be able to quickly resume your duties at work and at home. That said, we will ask you to follow some simple rules during your recovery period.

You should not wear makeup in your treatment area for twenty-four hours. However, you can apply ice to this area for fifteen-minute periods. You should wait several hours between each ice application. If you can safely take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, you may use these substances to help you feel comfortable while your body renews itself.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You will have a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your goals and preferences. The amount of fat under your chin and your aesthetic goals will influence the duration of your treatment. That said, you probably will need multiple treatments to reach your desired outcome. You are likely to achieve optimal results if you have two to three treatments. We will wait six weeks between each treatment to give your body time to renew itself.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Many injectable treatments can only temporarily reduce your wrinkles and other imperfections. Although these
treatments can dramatically improve your appearance, you will have to receive frequent touch-up injections to maintain your new look. These follow-up treatments can be time-consuming, annoying, and expensive. Fortunately, this fat reduction method is different.

Unlike other injectable treatments, Kybella has the power to permanently improve your appearance. Instead of temporarily changing your look, this injectable product permanently destroys fat cells under your chin. Over time, your body will flush out these dead fat cells. As a result, this treatment changes your profile in a lasting way, and you will not need maintenance treatments after you have achieved your desired outcome.

Although this treatment is very effective, it will not stop you from gaining weight in the future. You are likely to feel more confident and attractive if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly once your treatment is complete.

Can I Get This Treatment Immediately Before a Wedding or Other Important Event?

Since your double chin has a large influence on your appearance, fixing this facial feature will make you look slimmer and more youthful before a wedding, vacation, or family reunion. However, you should not schedule your treatment session too soon before your big day. This treatment does not provide immediate results, and you must give your body time to process your treated fat cells. You will achieve better results if you schedule your treatment session at least four to six weeks before any significant events.

Is This Treatment Safe?

The FDA has approved this treatment for the purpose of reducing fat under the chin, and this injectable product has been studied in great detail. In fact, more than twenty clinical studies have analyzed this treatment. During this global clinical development program, over 1,600 people received this injectable treatment.

At Satin Med Spa, we want you to be safe and comfortable during the entire treatment process. To accomplish these goals, a physician or nurse practitioner performs all of our injections. Our staff has received extensive training, and they will administer your treatment in a safe, precise manner.

Does This Treatment Have Proven Results?

You’ve probably used skincare products and cosmetic treatments that do not provide meaningful results. Accordingly, you might worry that you’ll have a similarily disappointing experience with this injectable product.

These worries are unfounded. There is a great deal of scientific evidence supporting this fat reduction technique. For instance, over 80% of people in a scientific study said that their treatment made them feel more satisfied with their appearance.

Reduce Your Double Chin

You can reduce your double chin and achieve a fantastic new profile without going through an invasive procedure. Kybella can address your unwanted fat in an easy, minimally invasive manner. To learn more about this wonderful injectable treatment, contact us at Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina for an initial consultation today.

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