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We are conveniently located in southpark, just across the street from southpark mall.

At Satin Med Spa, we don’t just offer treatments – we offer a personalized experience from start to finish. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll give you a VIP tour of our clinic and chat about all the ways we can help you look and feel your best, whether it’s with laser hair removal, anti-aging injections, or medical skincare treatments. 

But we’re not just here to talk – we’ll also conduct a thorough medical review to ensure you’re a good candidate for your desired treatment. And if all looks good, we’ll work with you to create a customized treatment program that fits your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. Plus, in many cases, you can even receive your first treatment during the initial consultation! With quick, virtually pain-free treatments and little to no downtime, you can be back to your daily routine feeling refreshed and confident in no time.

Satin Med Spa

2700 Coltsgate Road, Suite 101
Charlotte NC 28211
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