First Dermaplaning Session: What Can You Expect From Your Treatment?

You’ve finally decided to try dermaplaning, the popular exfoliation treatment that leaves the face glowing and rejuvenated. You’re excited and a little curious about what your session will be like. Rest assured that you’re in for a treat and results you’ll love. There’s a reason why dermaplaning is such a popular treatment option at Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC.

During dermaplaning, a surgical blade is used to remove dead skin cells and fine hairs from the outer layer of the face. This treatment, sometimes referred to as a scalpel facial, deeply cleans the skin and opens up the pores, leaving the face supple and vibrant. It also stimulates the development of fresh new skin cells, giving the face a brighter, rejuvenated look and easing the look of fine lines.

What Can I Expect During a Dermaplaning Treatment?

This treatment is well known for its ability to refresh the face, but many patients are also surprised that it’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We’ll begin by cleansing your face and applying a solution that will help open up your pores for treatment. Holding the surgical blade at a 45-degree angle, we’ll then make gentle, quick strokes on the surface of your skin, holding parts of the face tight as we work on different areas.

We know the idea of using a surgical blade can sound unnerving, but the sensation the patient feels is gentle, completely painless, and very relaxing. You may also hear a light brushing sound as the blade makes quick strokes across your dry face. Some patients even doze off during their treatments.

Our dermaplaning facials also involve the application of a chemical peel. Most patients who have had a chemical peel experience light flaking of the skin for several days, a process that reveals the fresh new skin cells just below. Chemical peels are available in different strengths and can be used to maintain healthy skin and treat various skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, and fine lines. Our staff can work with you to determine which peel will best meet the needs of your skin.

How Long Will the Appointment Take?

These treatments usually last no more than an hour, and you’ll be free to immediately return to your normal schedule with no restrictions, even reapplying cosmetics if you wish. It’s also possible to work one of these sessions into your lunch hour. Some patients have a slightly flushed face immediately after their treatment, but this will fade quickly.

What Can I Expect in the Way of Results?

Dermaplaning, particularly when combined with a chemical peel, deeply nourishes and renews the face. Both treatments work to exfoliate the skin, and when used together, the face gets an extra boost. The scalpel facial gets the process going by removing the very top layer of skin cells, paving the way for the chemical peel to deeply penetrate the skin. The two treatments together slough away dead skin cells on the surface and allow fresh new skin cells to emerge. You’ll notice several changes in your face after treatment.

Healthier Skin

The healthy and rejuvenating effects of this treatment will be apparent in several ways. You may notice that your skin tone is more even and bright and that age spots and hyperpigmentation are less apparent. The pores on the face will be clean and open, and the texture of your skin may also improve. Your face will feel softer and more supple. Some patients say their face feels as soft as a baby’s bottom after this treatment.

Less Visible Lines

Because a scalpel facial spurs the development of new skin cells as well as collagen, fine lines and wrinkles will be less visible on your healthy, plump skin. The softening of those lines will make your face look younger, more rested, and refreshed.

No More Facial Hair

Although it’s known primarily as a facial rejuvenation treatment, this treatment also gets rid of all the fine hairs on your face. Most patients are surprised at just how much better their face looks once all those hairs are gone. The removal of that hair will let your healthy skin shine through, and your face will glow. Getting rid of peach fuzz will also make it easier to apply cosmetics. Foundation can sometimes make all of the hair on your face stand out more, but you won’t have to worry about that after this treatment.

Fewer Breakouts

The deep cleansing that this treatment offers will help keep acne flareups at bay. The oils and dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the face will have been cleared away, and the facial hairs that trap dirt and oil in place will also be gone. All of that means you’ll have a deeply clean face that’s in a better position to resist breakouts. Plus, this treatment can soften the appearance of acne scars you may have from past breakouts.

Skin Care Products Will Be More Effective

This treatment also helps boost the efficacy of your at-home skincare routine. By opening your pores and clearing away dead skin cells and facial hair, a scalpel facial essentially primes the face so that it’s ready to quickly absorb the moisturizers and serums you use at home.

The days immediately following your treatment are a great time to be extra diligent about your at-home skincare routine and use your highest quality serums. And if you use topical acne medication, that prescription will also get a boost during the days following your scalpel facial.

Other Cosmetic Treatments Also Get a Boost

In addition to your at-home skincare routine, dermaplaning can also improve the efficacy of other spa or cosmetic services. We offer complimentary skincare consultations in which we evaluate your skin and recommend treatments that will best support your health and beauty needs. We are able to offer a number of options and can design a custom treatment plan just for you. All of our services include high-quality, medical-grade products that can only be used under a physician’s care.

How Frequently Should I Schedule Treatments?

Once you get started with scalpel facials and are enjoying the benefits they offer, it’s only natural to want to keep coming back for more. After all, the fine facial hairs that are removed will eventually start to grow back. But for these treatments to be effective, it’s important that you allow four to six weeks between sessions.

The reason this treatment has such rejuvenating effects is that it triggers the body’s natural skin cell regeneration process, and it’s best to allow this cycle of regeneration to run its full course before returning for another treatment.

Once we have assessed your skin and have begun working with you, we’ll be able to offer more specific guidance regarding the regularity of your treatments. Patients who love the results they are getting with scalpel facials also sometimes ask if this treatment is suitable for other parts of the body that are in need of rejuvenation. Unfortunately, this treatment is only performed on the face.

Will Treatment Cause My Hair to Grow Thicker?

This may be one of the questions we get the most from prospective clients. An old wives’ tale suggests that once you’ve shaved your skin, your facial hair will grow back even darker and thicker. But there’s no truth to that old wives’ tale. Dermplaning has no impact on the hair follicles or the rate at which hair grows back.

How Does This Treatment Compare to Shaving and Other Methods?

Both dermaplaning and shaving at home with a manual or electric razor get rid of unwanted hair. The difference is that a scalpel facial more aggressively removes dead skin cells and stimulates the development of new cells, which allows for complete skin rejuvenation. Shaving is a great way to get rid of hair. But a scalpel facial is the better option if you want the additional benefit of skin that is refreshed, healthier, and more radiant.

What About Waxing?

Waxing is another common way of getting rid of unwanted hair. This service involves the application of a soft wax to th
e face. As that wax is then lifted off, it removes bodily hairs with it. Like shaving, waxing is a hair removal treatment that won’t necessarily improve the overall health and vibrancy of the skin.

Is Laser Hair Removal an Option?

Laser hair removal treatments use light-based energy in a way that causes hair to stop growing from the follicles. A series of sessions are usually necessary to fully halt hair growth. Laser hair removal is not an option for every patient. Those with problematic gray or blonde hair, for example, usually are not candidates. And like shaving and waxing, laser hair removal addresses the problem of unwanted hair, but it does not stimulate new skin cell growth.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Scalpel facials are completely non-invasive and are gentle on the skin, which means that they are a suitable treatment option for a wide range of patients. Some patients book these treatments a day or two before a special event to sure that their skin is looking its very best. For other patients, these treatments are regular parts of a long-term skincare and anti-aging regimen. There are several signs that you may be a good candidate:

Your Skin Is in Good Shape

It helps if your skin is clean, healthy, and largely free of acne and other types of inflammation. We usually recommend that patients who have had botulinum toxin injections or dermal fillers injected in the past week postpone treatment.

You Understand That This Is More Than a Hair Removal Treatment

This treatment does effectively clear the skin of hair, but it also offers a comprehensive rejuvenation. Many other cosmetic treatments focus either on hair removal or on skin improvement, but a key distinguishing feature of the scalpel facial is that it does both.

You Want an Easy, Comfortable Treatment

Although it can noticeably improve the look of your skin, this is an easy and comfortable treatment that takes place in our boutique spa. Your skin won’t be pierced or stressed in any way, and there is no discomfort involved. Patients look forward to the pampering, relaxing nature of this treatment.

You Have Sensitive Skin

This treatment is a suitable option for patients who have rosacea or who generally have sensitive skin. It’s also a safe treatment for women who are pregnant.

There’s No Time Like Today

Maybe you’ve always been curious about scalpel facials, which have soared in popularity in recent years. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a new treatment that will give you refreshed, younger-looking skin. If you’re ready to experience the skincare service everyone is talking about, call Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC and schedule your dermaplaning treatment today.

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