How Long Does MiraDry Last?

Are you tired of using deodorants that don’t improve your excessive sweating? If deodorants and other home remedies aren’t improving your underarm sweat, you should consider getting a MiraDry treatment from Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina. This gentle sweat reduction technique can dramatically reduce your sweating issues.

How Long Does MiraDry Last?

MiraDry is a sophisticated treatment that can reduce the amount of sweat that your underarms produce. This is an established sweat reduction method, and medical providers have used this technique to perform more than 140,000 treatments. This treatment uses thermal energy to destroy some of the sweat glands in your underarms.

The thermal energy is very good at stopping these glands from creating excessive amounts of sweat, and your glands should not regenerate after you complete your treatment plan. As a result, this treatment should create permanent improvements in your sweating issues. Further, this treatment will permanently decrease the odors that the glands in your underarms produce.

Why Am I Experiencing Sweating Problems?

Hyperhidrosis is a scientific term that is used to describe excessive sweating. Normally, you will sweat when you are completing a challenging workout or spending time in hot weather. You may also begin to sweat if you are going through a stressful situation.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, your underarms or other parts of your body will create excessive amounts of sweat in inappropriate situations. For example, you might begin to sweat when you are relaxing in your home. There are two main types of hyperhidrosis. Each of these medical conditions can be caused by a variety of health problems.

Localized Sweating Problems

Sometimes, a specific part of your body will create excessive amounts of sweat. For example, your underarms or hands may produce large amounts of sweat. This is known as primary focal hyperhidrosis.

Although scientists have not discovered the cause of this problem, they believe nervous system issues contribute to this type of sweating. Further, scientists think that genetics can increase a person’s risk of experiencing primary focal hyperhidrosis.

Generalized Sweating Problems

The other type of sweating problem is known as secondary general hyperhidrosis. If you suffer from this type of hyperhidrosis, you will produce large amounts of sweat on your entire body. You may also sweat during the night time. This type of sweating issue is often caused by a medical problem or life event that you are experiencing.

For example, you may develop this problem if you are pregnant or going through menopause. Further, arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid issues can lead to sweating problems. If you improve your health, your secondary general hyperhidrosis may go away.

How Can I Diagnose My Sweating Problem?

There are a number of easy tests that can be used to diagnose your sweating problem.

Performing Blood and Urine Tests

Since thyroid issues and other problems can cause you to sweat excessively, your medical provider may order blood and urine tests. These tests will help your healthcare provider determine if a health problem is contributing to your excessive sweating.

Receiving a Thermoregulatory Sweat Test

During a thermoregulatory sweat test, your medical provider will put a special type of powder onto your skin. Next, you will be put into a confined area that will be very hot and humid. As you begin to sweat, the powder will change color. This test will help your medical provider determine the severity and cause of your sweating issues.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Sweat Reduction Technique?

If you have excessive sweating issues, your health condition is likely to negatively affect your life in a number of ways. You might avoid going to parties and other social events because you are nervous about your sweating issues. Further, you might have to change your clothes very frequently, and bring extra shirts with you when you go on trips or vacations.

If your underarm sweating has caused you to experience these problems, you are likely to be a good candidate for MiraDry. However, before we give you this treatment, we will need to look at your underarms and talk about your health.

How Does This Technique Reduce My Underarm Sweat?

This technique uses electromagnetic energy to change the behavior of the sweat and odor glands under your arms. During your treatment, we will use a handpiece to send energy into your glands. This energy will gently heat up these glands.

As the temperature of your tissues goes up, these glands will be destroyed. This process will significantly reduce the amount of moisture and odor that your underarms produce.

How Should I Get Ready for My Sweat Reduction Treatment?

You should shave the hair under your arms about four to six days before your appointment. During the next several days, you should not shave these hairs.

Allowing your hair to grow out for a couple of days will help us target your odor and sweat glands in a more efficient fashion. Since the hair under your arms is located in the same area as these glands, we will use this hair to guide us during the treatment process.

What Will Happen When I Receive This Anti-Sweating Treatment?

You’ll receive your anti-sweating treatment at our office in Charlotte. It will usually take us about 60 minutes to prepare your underarms and treat your sweat glands.

Preparing Your Underarms

To help you feel comfortable when the electromagnetic energy goes into your sweat glands, we will use local anesthesia to numb the skin in this part of your body. It will take a little time for this anesthesia to take effect.

Treating Your Sweat Glands

Once we have numbed your sweat glands, we will put our specialized handpiece onto the skin in your underarms. After we activate the handpiece, we will use suction energy to bring your tissues closer to the device. Next, we will send electromagnetic energy into your sweat and odor glands.

While we transmit this energy into your tissues, the handpiece will cool your treatment area. This extra feature will protect your skin and enable you to stay comfortable while we improve your odor and sweat glands.

When Will My Underarm Sweat Begin to Improve?

This sweat reduction treatment creates fast results. Under some circumstances, you might notice an instant reduction in your sweating and underarm odor. Alternatively, you might need to wait for a couple of days to see improvements in your sweating issues.

Will I Need to Get More Than One Treatment?

Since your sweat and odor glands will have a unique reaction to this treatment, the degree of improvement that you experience will vary. In general, you might experience a reduction in your underarm odor by almost 90% after one treatment. Your underarm sweating may decrease by about 80%. If you are still experiencing sweating issues after you get one treatment, you might need to schedule a second appointment.

What Will Happen After I Receive My Sweat Reduction Treatment?

This treatment uses a sophisticated technique to destroy your odor and sweat glands without damaging the other tissues in your body. In general, you will have a limited period of downtime after you receive your sweat reduction treatment.

To maintain your comfort during this time, you may want to put ice packs onto your underarms for one to two days. You could also take medication during the start of your recovery period. Further, we may tell you not to go running, lift heavy weights, or do other challenging physical activities for a week.

Will This Treatment Prevent Me From Staying Cool in Hot Weather?

Sweating can help your body stay cool in hot climates. Fortunately, receiving this treatment will not interfere with your body’s ability to maintain a stable temperature in this type of environment.

Your bo
dy contains millions of sweat glands. The glands that are found under your arms make up a very small percent of the total amount of sweat glands in your body. When we destroy sweat glands under your arms, you will continue to sweat in other parts of your body. These functional sweat glands will enable you to remain cool when you are exercising or going outside in hot weather.

Can I Use Other Methods to Control My Sweating Issues?

There are a number of at-home techniques that you can use to control the negative symptoms that are associated with your sweating problems.

Adjust Your Clothing

Some articles of clothing are made of synthetic fabrics that can trap sweat against your skin and cause you to develop rashes and other problems. Wearing loose clothing that is made of natural fabrics may reduce the severity of your symptoms. Further, frequently changing clothes will help you stay dry and comfortable.

Use Armpit Shields

Excessive underarm sweating will stain your shirts and cause you to develop visible damp patches under your arms. Armpit shields are special pads that will soak up some of the moisture that your excessive sweat creates. Wearing these pads will protect your clothing and reduce the visibility of damp patches under your arms.

Use Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants are products that decrease the amount of sweat that your body creates. These products accomplish this goal by using aluminum chloride to plug your sweat glands. If you have been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, your medical provider may be willing to give you a prescription for a powerful antiperspirant.

Will My Health Insurance Pay for Me to Treat My Underarm Sweating Issues?

Health insurance usually does not cover the cost of this sweat reduction treatment. However, you might be able to use a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to cover your MiraDry treatments. To determine whether you can use these accounts to contribute to your treatment cost, you should contact your account manager for more information.

You can also use financing options like Lending USA and CareCredit to help you pay for this wellness treatment. These financing options may allow you to spread out the costs of your sweat reduction treatments by making a series of monthly payments. For example, you might be able to use a payment plan that has zero percent interest for half a year.

Control Your Excessive Sweating

Excessive underarm sweat will stain your clothing, create unpleasant odors, and make you feel uncomfortable in social settings. Instead of letting this problem decrease your confidence and cause you to avoid parties and other social events, you should get a MiraDry treatment. To find out if you are a good candidate for this sweat reduction method, contact us at Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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