Learn About Anti-Wrinkle Injectables in Charlotte

Men and women in Charlotte and all over the world are concerned with the signs left behind by the aging process. The desire for a more youthful appearance has made anti-wrinkle injectables extremely popular. These injections decrease and smooth out the appearance of wrinkles. In 2002, the FDA approved BOTOX® for the treatment of wrinkles. This procedure is one of the most powerful wrinkle treatments currently available, and for good reason. It relaxes the muscles and affects the nerve impulses. This means it is very effective in relaxing the areas of the face where wrinkles are the most common to provide a smoother and more youthful appearance. BOTOX® is only one of the two basic types of injectables available for anti-aging treatments.

The two basic categories of injectables are dermal fillers and neuromodulators or wrinkle relaxers. Dermal fillers are a type of soft tissue filler. This is injected for the restoration of a smoother appearance by filling in facial wrinkles. The muscles are relaxed in the area where the injection of BOTOX® is placed. This prevents the creasing of the skin responsible for dynamic wrinkles. This is effective for lines caused by the expressions of the individual. These wrinkles include crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes and the surprise and frown lines of the forehead. This is a good option for more radiant and youthful-looking skin without the need for surgery.

The most popular areas for BOTOX® injections are the forehead and the area surrounding the eyes. These injections are also very effective for minimizing the lines in between the eyebrows. There are a variety of neuromodulators injectables available including Dysport®, BOTOX® and XEOMIN®. Dysport® is intended for moderate to severe lines forming between the eyebrows. BOTOX® blocks the signals between the muscles and the nerves to relax wrinkles. XEOMIN® restores the skin and relaxes forehead wrinkles. The purpose of these injections is the blocking of the chemical signal sent to the muscle by the brain responsible for the contractions of the muscles.

After the injection, the muscles no longer respond to the signal from the brain. This means the muscles are relaxed and lifted by the treatment to soften the appearance of wrinkles. The result is a smoother and younger appearance. This is because the temporary blocking of these signals causes less movement. This either eliminates or reduces the appearance of the existing wrinkles. People do not generally notice when an individual has had this treatment, just that they look more refreshed and younger. The procedure does not involve any set downtime. After the treatment, the client is free to resume most all normal activities.

The goal of these injections is to provide the individual with a natural-looking result. This enables them to look the best they possibly can despite the aging process. The procedure also helps with the prevention of the formation of new wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to understand the science of this type of injectable. This means until the cosmetic professional becomes familiar with the way each individual will respond to the treatment, it is important to use as little of the fluid as possible. This is a caution taken by every experienced cosmetic professional. Injecting too much may not provide the best results. Although it is simple to provide additional injections, it is not possible to remove what has already been injected. This technique is considered to be an excellent safety procedure helping to ensure each individual receives their optimal results.

Injectable dermal fillers were designed to target signs left behind by the aging process located deep underneath the skin. The youthful fullness of the individual is effectively rejuvenated by plumping up fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing the shape of numerous areas of the face and restoring the volume. The materials used for the fillers are injected beneath the skin to fill in the deeper folds including nasolabial folds. These are the lines that start at the side of the nose and continue down to the side of the mouth. The fillers also fill in hollow areas and cheeks and create plumper and fuller lips. In the past, collagen was considered to be the standard injectable filler. Due to newer technology, there are a lot more options available in the market for anti-aging.

There are a wide variety of anti-wrinkle injectables currently available in Charlotte. The best choice depends on what areas of your face are going to be treated and the type of results you desire. It is extremely important to tell the cosmetic professional exactly what results you are hoping to achieve with this treatment. This will help ensure the correct filler or fillers are used to help you get your optimal results. You also need to keep your expectations realistic. Although these injections offer excellent results, they will not turn the clock back 30 years. Some of the most common fillers and their intended purpose are defined below.

• Restylane: This filler reduces the appearance of wrinkles by adding fullness and volume to the skin. It can also address lines surrounding the mouth and plump the lips. It can treat moderate and severe folds and deep facial wrinkles.

• Belotero: This fills in and smooths out moderate and severe nasolabial folds and other wrinkles.

• Radiesse: This filler restores facial volume to erase folds and wrinkles.

• Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Volbella: Increase the fullness of the lips and soften the look of lines.

• Juvederm: This is an anti-aging injectable for the treatment of facial lines, deep folds and smile lines.

• Juvederm Voluma: This is an injectable gel providing additional volume for the cheeks and smoothing away age lines.

The History of Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

Anti-wrinkle injectables like BOTOX® are a type of purified protein solution. This protein is diluted numerous times. Only small amounts of the material are necessary to enable the body to break down the substance easily. The material is generally broken down over the span of months after providing you with your desired result. This type of injection has been used for more than sixty years for the treatment of medical conditions including muscular sclerosis. The value of the injectables was originally noticed by physicians while treating individuals with overactive muscles. After extensive research was performed, the injectables were found to be extremely successful for the treatment of children impacted by cerebral palsy. The cosmetic use for treating wrinkles was not discovered until 1987.

Dr. Jean Carruthers was the ophthalmologist using injectables for the treatment of eye muscle spasms. She realized there was a significant improvement in crow’s feet after she gave the injections. She explained this to her husband, who was a dermatologist. He made the decision to investigate her claims by giving the injections to his receptionist. This was the very beginning of this form of anti-wrinkle injectable.

It is extremely important all cosmetic injections are conducted in an appropriate, safe and clean environment to eliminate any permanent physical damage and infections. These injections are not safe when performed at home and must be given by a well-trained and experienced professional to ensure the safety of the individual.

The majority of professionals will provide a no-obligation consultation. This takes the pressure off the individual so they do not feel forced to have this treatment. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask any questions. During the consultation, there is usually a comprehensive assessment of the skin in addition to recommendations from the professional. BOTOX® is often recommended for softening wrinkles in the forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines. Dermal fillers with a hyaluronic acid base such as Juvederm are recommended for minimizing the look of nasolabial folds and restoring the volume often lost in the face due to age. BOTOX® is not the same as fillers. Fillers are used to fill in wrinkles and replace lost volume not related to facial expressions. This provides you with a more youthful appearance.

Numerous individuals in their twenties begin a skin care routine to help decrease the signs of aging. There are numerous anti-wrinkle injectables capable of helping prevent the appearance of aging. Beginning a treatment in Charlotte at a younger age helps provide the individual with better skin as time passes. Injectables like BOTOX® are cosmetic injections placed into the muscle beneath the wrinkles. Once the muscle has relaxed, the skin is smooth and wrinkle-free. To make certain these injections are completely safe, the professional should be experienced and qualified to perform this procedure. Neither type of injection can worsen wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers are temporary, and your body will absorb them as time passes. The result is smoother skin and less wrinkles until the fillers break down.

A current study has revealed numerous injections temporarily eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by filling in the depressions and stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein keeping the skin supple and firm. As the body ages and the individual is exposed to the sun, the production of collagen significantly decreases. This causes wrinkling and sagging skin.

The Benefits of Anti-Wrinkle Injectables in Charlotte

Even if you take good care of your skin with an excellent nightly beauty routine, the chances are good you will begin to notice the aging process setting in by your late twenties or early thirties. Although numerous individuals are happy to grow old gracefully, many want to decrease or eliminate the signs of aging. The advances in technology provide you with numerous options for the preservation or restoration of your skin. Anti-wrinkle injections are an excellent option for smoother and more youthful-looking skin. Injections give you the ability to turn back the clock on your skin without the need for surgery. They can block the signal between the muscles and nerves to help prevent wrinkles, fine lines and frown lines from forming. As opposed to the more invasive treatments, injections are a safer, more comfortable option for radiant and more youthful skin. The benefits include:

• One of the best benefits of anti-wrinkle injections is there is no surgery necessary. This decreases your expenses, period of recovery and personal risks. This is an excellent option for women in their thirties because they generally do not need a full facelift. This option is just as good for women in their forties or older who are interested in eliminating wrinkles and aging skin for a smoother and more radiant appearance.

• A lot of people do not want to have surgery. The injections can eliminate the need for surgery. A skilled professional administers the injections precisely and quickly in the comfort of our office.

• When you receive your injections from a trained professional, they are completely safe. Your wrinkles will be minimized or eliminated for multiple months. A lot of individuals experience an increase in self-esteem and confidence after their treatments. Numerous individuals receive nice comments because they look happier and more youthful. This is especially true if the wrinkles caused the individual to look sad or angry. The injections are also much less expensive than any type of cosmetic surgery.

• This treatment does not cause any intense swelling or bruising. The procedure does not have the risks or complications associated with cosmetic surgery. You can see the difference in your skin just days after your treatment. You skin will appear more youthful and smoother.

• Certain types of cosmetic surgery do not enable the individual to apply cosmetics while they are healing. This is not practical for many professionals due to their busy schedule. Since these injections do not cause a lot of trauma to the skin, the client can immediately use cosmetics as needed.

• Injectables are different from most anti-aging treatments and surgery because there is no set downtime. Depending on how many areas are being treated, the procedure requires as little as mere minutes.

• One of the benefits is this procedure is not permanent. This provides the individual with a lot more control over their results than having cosmetic surgery.

Anti-wrinkle injectables are an excellent option for anyone interested in smoothing out their complexion, eliminating wrinkles and appearing younger and more radiant. Talk to the team at Satin Med Spa to get all the facts about your treatment options. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in Charlotte!

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