Our Founder


Jennifer Shulstad

Jennifer Shulstad brings many years of extensive education and experience in business, customer service and medical aesthetics knowledge to Satin Med Spa. Ms. Shulstad originally discovered her passion for the medical aesthetics industry over a decade ago after having had several less than satisfactory experiences at various medical spas and plastic surgery practices.

After having experienced these less than desired levels of service and value that she expected and thought others would also like to receive; whether it was charging patients too much for procedures, not putting safety first, or simply not treating them with the highest level of customer service; she set out to create Satin Med Spa.

Ms. Shulstad’s mission was simple: to give the term ‘Med Spa’ a good name – doing so by building the best Med Spa the industry has to offer in order to provide patients with the best service and results, by the best medical providers and at the best value.

After many years of research and hard work, her vision and mission have become a reality and Satin Med Spa is now proud to have been voted the Best Med Spa in Charlotte for 6 years in a row!

It is fair to say, from over a decade ago when the term ‘Med spa’ did not have a good connotation; Ms. Shulstad has successfully given the term ‘Med Spa’ a good name!