Financing & Payment Options


Say farewell to the stress of out-of-pocket medical spa expenses with the CareCredit® credit card! We know that your aesthetic treatments are a top priority, but the cost of treatments can add up quickly. That’s where CareCredit comes in – a credit card exclusively designed for healthcare expenses, providing you with the financial support you need to receive the best care possible.



With CareCredit, you can enjoy special financing options that may not be available with other payment methods. That means you can spread your payments over time and avoid the financial burden of large medical bills. 


Don’t let finances stand in the way of your beauty goals! Trust CareCredit to help you manage your medical expenses and get the care you deserve. 

Satin In-House Payment Plan

At Satin Med Spa, we understand that investing in yourself can sometimes feel financially challenging. That’s why we offer in-house payment plans for our laser hair removal packages, so you can get the results you want without the added stress of a large upfront payment.


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel confident in their own skin, and we’re committed to making that a reality for our patients. Our in-house payment plans allow you to spread the cost of your laser treatment over several visits, making it easier to fit into your budget. Plus, by making payments directly to us, you can avoid dealing with an outside credit company and enjoy greater peace of mind.


We’re proud to say that this option has become very popular among our patients, who appreciate the flexibility and convenience it provides. During your consultation, we’ll work with you to determine the best payment plan that works with your budget and lifestyle.


Investing in your self-care shouldn’t break the bank, and at Satin Med Spa, we’re here to help you achieve your goals while staying within your means. Contact us today to learn more about our in-house payment plans and start your journey towards a more confident you!

Not sure which option is best for you? Call 704-365-3588 to schedule your free consultation and discuss your financing options.