What is


Are wrinkles and facial folds causing you frustration? Do you want to enhance your facial features? If yes, then Restylane might be just the solution you’ve been searching for! Made of a biodegradable, non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA), Restylane works like your body’s own natural hyaluronic acid. With Restylane, you can effectively smooth out moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, contour your face, and add volume to your lips!


The main difference between Juvéderm and Restylane is the texture. Restylane is more granular, while Juvederm is smoother. These variances in texture give both options different strengths. Juvederm tends to be best for addressing finer lines and wrinkles in tight facial areas, whereas Restylane is best for adding significant volume to sunken facial areas.

Popular Treatment


• Plump the lips
• Add volume to the cheeks
• Fill in hollowed temples
• Reshape the jaw, chin & nose
• Eliminate marionette lines & nasolabial folds
• Reduce the appearance of deep facial scars (usually caused by acne)

How Long


Like Juvederm, Restylane features a family of product options for various aesthetic applications, ranging in consistency and the period of time the product lasts.


Restylane-L has larger gel particles designed to lift and add volume to hollow facial areas. It is approved for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds such as nasolabial folds, adding volume to lips and smoothing wrinkles around the mouth. The results of Restylane-L typically lasts about 6 months.

Restylane Kysse

Restylane Kysse is a relatively new addition to the Restylane product line. Kysse is FDA-approved for lip enhancement, an ideal treatment option for patients who would like to improve lip volume and contour. In addition, this product can also reduce signs of wrinkles around the mouth to create smoother skin and a more youthful look. 

One of the aspects of Restylane Kysse that sets it apart from other filler options is its innovative composition: the injectable solution includes a proprietary component called XpresHAn Technology™, which helps the hyaluronic acid particles bind themselves together in the lips. This effect allows them to stretch, then return to where they were previously. For most patients, Restylane Kysse lasts up to one year.

Restylane Lyft

Restylane Lyft is great for adding volume to the mid-facial area. It can be used to reverse sunken cheeks, soften acne scars and can also be used to treat aging hands. The effects of Restylane Lyft typically lasts around 6 months.

Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk has a smaller and lighter consistency than some other types of Restylane. It is best used for subtle, precise definition by minimizing the signs of aging around the mouth and on the lips. It can also be used to add volume and softness to the lips. Restylane Silk lasts between 6-12 months for most patients.

Restylane Refyne & Defyne

Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne are designed to fill moderate to severe wrinkles, folds, and creases without impacting natural facial movements and expressions. In general, Restylane Refyne is a great choice for smoothing facial lines of modest depths, and Restylane Defyne is ideal for softening deeper folds and creases. Both products can last up to 12 months or longer!

What to Expect From


At Satin Med Spa, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We understand that you want to achieve your desired aesthetic goals with minimal discomfort and risks. That’s why we have a team of expert Master Injectors who will guide you through every step of your Restylane treatment.


Once you complete the necessary paperwork, we will discuss your goals and concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs. We will make sure to clean and numb the targeted areas to ensure a painless and comfortable experience. By noting the injection points, we will ensure your desired results are achieved.


Our team will also provide you with detailed post-treatment instructions to help you recover quickly and efficiently. Typically, the entire treatment process takes 45-60 minutes. However, this may vary depending on your unique treatment plan.


During your initial consultation, we will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will help you achieve your desired look. We will also give you an estimate of how long your treatment will take, so you can plan accordingly. We are committed to helping you look and feel your best with safe, effective and comfortable treatments.


Pre & Post



One Week Prior to Treatment

  • Avoid blood thinning over-the-counter medications such as Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, and Aleve
  • Avoid supplements, including St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba, primrose oil, garlic, ginseng, and Vitamin E

Two Days Prior to Treatment

  • Avoid topical products such as Tretinoin (Retin-A), Retinol, Retinoids, Glycolic Acid, or any “anti-aging” products
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or using hair removal cream on the area to be treated
  • Do start taking Arnica two days prior to the procedure. This is not required, but it will help to lessen bruising!

24 Hours Prior to Treatment

  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior.


Immediately after treatment you may experience mild swelling or bruising which should subside in a few days to a week. The treated areas can be iced to reduce swelling – ice as much as you can for the first several days. We recommend 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off – up to 5 times a day. Because these injections are likely to cause swelling, please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to see the final result, after the swelling has subsided and the product has settled in.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • Do not expose the area to intense heat
  • Avoid pressure on the treated areas for the first few nights (i.e. sleep on back of possible)
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours
  • Do not use AHA, Retinols/Vitamin C therapy or oil based make-up for 24 hours
  • Avoid facials, facial waxing, Glycolic or AHA peels, IPL or energy based treatments and microdermabrasion for two weeks after treatment

How Much


The cost of this procedure varies greatly depending on the areas being treated, syringes required for optimal results and whether or not you’re combining your filler treatment with neurotoxin, like Botox. To get a detailed quote for Restylane, call 704-365-3588 or click below to schedule a free consultation with one of our Master Injectors. We are honored and grateful to be a part of your journey toward a more youthful-looking you!