Sweating Problems: When Should You Consider MiraDry?

At Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC, we understand that excessive underarm sweat is uncomfortable and malodorous. Unfortunately, sweaty pits seem to appear at the worst times. MiraDry solves this problem at the root, because excessive sweat shouldn’t control your life. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t have to worry about an unexpected odor emanating from your underarms.

This process is a real and lasting answer to hyperhidrosis. This treatment has a 70% to 90% success rate after two treatments. It provides an honest solution to a problem many people find exceedingly difficult to handle. We’ll tell you about the expected results this treatment offers, the overall process, recovery expectations, and reasons you should consider it as a viable option.

Sweating Problems: When Should You Consider MiraDry?

What Is MiraDry?

This is a noninvasive treatment specifically designed to minimize excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis. Until recently, the best option to treat armpit sweat was antiperspirants. But many people avoid deodorant because it leads to irritated skin and a burning sensation. It’s painful, noticeable, and uncomfortable.

At Satin Day Spa in Charlotte, we feel that this process is a better, more permanent solution to excessive sweating. Why is it a better choice? This treatment eliminates targeted underarm odor and sweat glands using thermal energy. It eliminates these glands and prevents them from growing back.

Results That Everyone Can Live With

After the treatment, you no longer need to worry about expressive armpit sweat, sweat stains, or an unwanted odor originating from your armpits. In one or two treatments, these glands close up, never to return.

How Does This Process Work?

Determining the Treatment Area

When you first visit our office to undergo the treatment, we’ll start with measurements first. We have to measure your armpits at the beginning to determine the specific size of the treatment area. After we measure your armpits, we’ll use a temporary tattoo to mark off the treatment area.

Numbing the Treatment Area

Next, we inject both armpits using lidocaine injections. On average, each patient needs roughly 30 lidocaine injections to avoid mild discomfort. But you may require more or less depending on the size and shape of your armpits. Remember, underneath your armpits is a very sensitive area. These injections will help you feel good throughout the entire treatment process.

The MiraDry Treatment in Full Effect

Next, the specialist will use the MiraDry handheld device on your armpits. It works by heating the odor and sweat glands in your armpits. The heat is so intense that the handheld wand destroys these glands. This prevents unwanted malodorous sweat from dripping from your armpits in the future.

The patented treatment is a relatively quick process. On average, it typically takes about an hour to complete the entire process. Sometimes it may take as much as two hours to finish the treatment, but it will rarely ever take longer than that.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From This Treatment?

On average, total recovery time is relatively quick after receiving this treatment. In fact, it’s possible to get back to your regular life as soon as you finish the treatment. Some worry about moving too quickly, but this usually isn’t the case.

It makes sense to slow down and take time to recover if you feel like it, though. So give yourself enough downtime to relax, unwind, and begin healing from this valuable treatment. Better yet, avoid scheduling big and important life experiences around the time of this treatment process. It’s always best to leave ample time for self-care available in case you need it.

What Results Can I Expect From a MiraDry Treatment?

It’s time to look closer at the results. This is the most important part of the process, right? It’s the main reason you want to have this treatment. You’re tired of excessive armpit sweat drenching your body and ruining your clothes. It’s time to take a stand and do something about it.

Clinical Trial Results & Other Observations

The company performed clinical trials on this treatment process with exciting results. According to the performance data, it only takes one treatment for subjects to experience a 70% to 90% sweat reduction. This is an impressive feat, as you undoubtedly agree.

Take into account that armpit sweat didn’t disappear in its entirety. It’s still possible to sweat from your armpits after this treatment. In all honesty, this is healthy and natural, so a little sweat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can see that total armpit sweat elimination isn’t necessary. But sweating only a little is definitely a huge benefit to this treatment.

Will I Need Underarm Deodorant After This Treatment?

Many previous MiraDry participants claim that they no longer need to use underarm deodorant of any type. They no longer experience body odor under their armpits, and the little sweat they produce doesn’t contain bacteria that causes odor.

With enough treatments–one or two–it’s possible to eliminate underarm sweat entirely. Some people do not mind a little underarm sweat as long as it doesn’t smell or drip profusely. You might not want any sweat at all. If this is the case, schedule another treatment session to experience a 100% sweat reduction.

10 Reasons to Eliminate Sweat With MiraDry

People are finally starting to see the major benefits of these treatments. They are no longer willing to live with excessive underarm sweat, and they are taking action now more than ever to cut off hyperhidrosis at the source.

Are you wondering if this treatment option is the best to meet your needs? At Satin Med Spa, we’ve discovered 10 reasons those who sweat excessively should consider this therapy.

1. You’ll No Longer Sweat Through Your Clothes

Sweat is very unattractive in most situations. But in certain scenarios, it’s more acceptable than others. No one would fault you for sweating profusely during an intense workout or grueling sporting event. But they might look at you funny if you sweat through your clothes sitting in your cubicle at the office.

Excessive underarm sweat need not control your life any longer. This treatment eliminates hair follicles, odor glands, and sweat glands to cut off perspiration at the source. 80% of the people who’ve undergone this treatment experience full benefits after the first try.

2. You’ll Go Weeks or Months With No Need for Deodorant

Are you tired of buying deodorant sticks by the case in your favorite supermarket or drugstore? Until now, you’ve practically drowned in excessive underarm sweat, so having ample deodorant on hand was an absolute must.

Guess what? After your first treatment, you can kiss the need for deodorant goodbye for good. Most people never need to wear deodorant again after one or two treatments. They eliminate enough hair follicles and sweat glands that the unwanted odor and sweat is no longer a major issue. In fact, you may go weeks or months with no need to put on deodorant for any reason.

3. You’ll Confidently Lift Your Arms Without Worrying About Sweat Stains

Have you avoided lifting your arms on hot summer days? Some people, unfortunately, sweat excessively underneath their arms. This leads to sweaty and smelly armpits that practically soak through your shirt.

Even worse, raising your arms on a sweaty day is unpleasant for the people in your vicinity. They don’t enjoy the sight or odor, and it can lead to unintended consequences that you might not foresee. Your best bet is to stop excessive underarm sweat dead in its tracks. This process removes the conditions that create hyperhidrosis, so it won’t be a problem any longer.

4. You’ll No Longer Suffer From Hyperhidrosis

What is hyperhidrosis? In a nutshell, it’s an abnormal amou
nt of extreme sweating. Strictly speaking, this sweat doesn’t occur because of exercise or heat. It happens excessively even during normal daily activities, though not typically at night.

Too much armpit sweat doesn’t look or feel good. To get rid of hyperhidrosis altogether, you’ll need this treatment. It can stop extreme armpit sweat from ever occurring again, which is a godsend for many who’ve needlessly dealt with this situation for far too long.

5. You’ll No Longer Need to Avoid Light-Colored Work Shirts

Do you enjoy wearing light blue, gray, or yellow shirts to work? Excessive armpit sweat may be the reason you never wear these colors even though they look amazing on you. You don’t want to make it noticeable that you’re sweating through your shirt, and these light colors make it very obvious.

After you complete this treatment, you’ll hardly sweat out of your armpits any longer. You may eliminate these sweat glands in their entirety. In either scenario, you no longer need to avoid wearing light-colored work shirts. You can confidently wear whatever color you like without creating noticeable sweat stains.

6. You’ll Experience Immediate Underarm Sweat Reduction

The best thing about MiraDry treatments is they completely solve the underarm sweat problem. It happens instantaneously after the treatment is complete. Most people experienced dramatic results, and 82% no longer suffer from underarm sweat to any excessive degree.

You’ve tried using roll-on, spray-on, and gel deodorants to little avail. They might help cut down on the odor, but that’s about it. This treatment rids the body of hair follicles, sweat glands, and odor glands in the armpits. So the sweat and the smell disappear entirely, which is a good thing, and you don’t have to wait for it to happen.

7. You’ll Feel Confident During Presentations and Public Speaking Engagements

Unless you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you might not realize how quickly this condition can kill self-confidence. No one wants to give a presentation at work believing they are visibly sweating profusely under their arms. Even worse, it becomes even more demoralizing when you can see the sweat dripping from underneath your arms.

The same holds true for public speaking engagements. This condition can stomp on your self-confidence and make you feel small. but it doesn’t have to control your life any longer. You can fully restore your self-confidence and self-esteem by undergoing this treatment. It will put an end to profuse armpit sweat for good.

8. You’ll Reduce Underarm Sweat Even More by Eliminating Armpit Hair

People often overlook a simple yet effective “side effect” of this treatment. Not only does it remove sweat and odor glands, but it also removes hair follicles. By eliminating underarm hair, the treatment gets rid of another factor that normally leads to excessive sweat.

In 2015, the FDA in the US cleared this treatment as a viable option for permanent underarm hair removal. The best part is it works better than other options because it removes hair no matter the color. Certain treatments find it difficult to remove light-colored hair, but not this one.

9. You’ll Likely Need Only One Treatment to Experience Maximum Results

You’ll appreciate the speed and effectiveness of this treatment option. Most people experience the full benefits of this powerful option with only one treatment session. In fact, their website says that 70% to 90% experience lasting results with only one session. Those amazing results are hard to replicate with other treatments.

As a consumer, you want your treatments to work fast. You also want them to work on the first try. You get the best of both worlds with this option.

10. You’ll Recover Quickly and Need Very Little Downtime

In most cases, patients consider this treatment painless. And even more important, they say it requires little to no downtime during the recovery process. The quick recovery is a major blessing because it allows the patient to get back to their regular life immediately. There is no need to spend weeks taking it easy in recovery unless you want to.

The specialist will administer a local anesthetic (lidocaine) in the underarm area to minimize potential discomfort. As far as getting back to everyday life is concerned, the wide majority of people who’ve undergone this treatment get back to their daily lives immediately. With exercise, it’s best to wait several days before resuming rigorous activities. But you should have no trouble going to work, cooking, performing minor housework, and taking part in all other aspects of your normal life as soon as you finish the treatment.

Eliminate Excessive Sweat Altogether With MiraDry

We’ve gone above and beyond to explain the process and benefits of this valuable treatment. It’s fast, effective, and will only take about an hour of your time. For most of us, taking an hour out of our busy schedule to rid ourselves of hyperhidrosis is a fantastic investment and since the process is so quick you can have it done on your lunch break. You’ve sweat more than enough through your clothes, emanating odors, and feeling self-conscious about our condition, so the treatment is worth your time and attention.

Satin Med Spa in Charlotte has the answer to your excessive sweat problem. We can help you get rid of this condition once and for all. It will never bother you again after we’ve worked our magic using this patented technology. To find out more about this process, contact Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC at your earliest convenience. We’ll gladly answer every one of your questions and concerns about this treatment. Call us right now to set up an appointment for your initial consultation.

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