Things to Know About Tattoo Removal

It happens to the best of us—spontaneous decisions that we end up regretting later in life. Luckily, tattoos don’t have to be one of those. Our experts regularly perform laser tattoo removal. Here is what you should know about tattoo removal.

Tattoos are Removed by Lasers

Laser tattoo removal involves the use of a laser to send pulses of intense light through just the top layers of your skin, where the tattooed pigment absorbs the light. Before any removal begins, we’ll test your skin to determine its sensitivity and potential reactions; that way, we can use the most effective settings and avoid unnecessary sensitization.

The Treated Ink is Metabolized and Excreted

The laser light causes the targeted skin to break up the ink. Your immune system metabolizes the ink and causes it to be absorbed through the bloodstream to the kidneys, where it is excreted through your urine and sweat.

Location Can Matter

If your tattoos are in tissue that is located around surfaces that have more circulation and blood flow than others, they will fade faster. Generally speaking, tattoos closest to the heart fade the fastest, and those on the hands or feet will take longer and require more treatments.

Color Can Matter

Ink colors have different rates of fading. Black typically fades the fastest; green and blue can take more time.

Timing Matters

Laser tattoo removal requires a series of treatments. How many treatments will be determined by a professional during a consultation.  In terms of time between treatments, sessions should be spaced out a set amount of time apart to allow for the body to naturally flush out the targeted ink. 

Good Candidates

Most people who are interested in laser tattoo removal end up qualifying for the treatment. However, good candidates tend to have the following in common:

  • Good overall health
  • Realistic expectations regarding the treatment and results
  • Unwanted ink that they would like to get rid of
  • A commitment to their series of treatment sessions

Your candidacy for treatment will ultimately be determined during your initial consultation at our office.

Learn More About Tattoo Removal During a Consultation

When you’re ready for laser tattoo removal, regardless of reason, you can always turn to us at Satin Med Spa, located in Reno. We would be more than happy to evaluate your tattoo and determine if this treatment can work for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!

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