Where Can Dysport Be Injected?

The appearance of wrinkles is a completely normal part of aging. Some wrinkles can, however, leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. Harsh lines around the eyes, eyebrows, and forehead can make you look worn-out or older than you are. But with Dysport, you really can turn back the clock and smoothen your skin. Read on to learn how Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC can soften out those lines and achieve a more youthful face, leaving you looking natural and gorgeous.

Where Can Dysport Be Injected?

This treatment is injected directly into the facial muscles. Where exactly depends on the particular patient and what issues they’re looking to target, which may be lines around the eyes, deep forehead creasing, or a combination of several concerns. To better understand how this treatment will benefit you, read on to learn more about it.

What is Dysport?

This is a temporary, injectable method of facial rejuvenation. It’s simple, safe, effective, and minimally invasive. It has been formulated specifically to smooth out moderate to severe forehead lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which are also known as “dynamic wrinkles”. It offers a natural and relaxed look that leaves the patient looking younger and refreshed.

What Causes “Dynamic Wrinkles”?

Dynamic wrinkles are those deep lines around your eyes, eyebrows, and forehead – think crow’s feet and frown lines – can be caused by a whole number of things. They are commonly the product of overactive muscles and repeated facial movements such as squinting, furrowing your brow, and raising your eyebrows. Depending on the individual, these lines can start to appear as early as when you’re in your twenties.

These dynamic wrinkles can leave you looking angry, older, or more tired than you really are, especially when the lines are deep. This is why so many people turn to this treatment to rejuvenate their skin.

How Does This Treatment Work?

This treatment is a “neuromodulator agent”, meaning it is used to relax specific muscles in the face and makes them move less. When the muscles aren’t moving, the skin on top of them doesn’t crinkle and form lines. Dysport is derived from the botulinum molecule, which blocks impulses between the nerves and the small facial muscles that cause expression lines. This is known as “cosmetic denervation”. Not only do these reduced muscle movements prevent new wrinkles from forming, but they stop existing lines from deepening.

This treatment is quick, straight-forward, and FDA-approved. Impressively, as the treatment is only injected into a few specific areas, the rest of the facial muscles still move and function as per usual, so the patient’s face still emotes normally and looks natural.

What Will Happen During My Treatment?

Firstly, you’ll have a consultation with our team at Satin Med Spa to make sure you’re eligible for treatment and that this is the best option for your skin concerns. You’ll get an understanding of what to expect during treatment and have a chance to ask any questions.

This treatment is performed from the comfort of our office in Charlotte, North Carolina, so you don’t need to worry about going to the hospital. We’ll use a tiny needle to carefully inject a small amount of the product into several spots on the face. Only a tiny amount of liquid is required for treatment to be effective. Thanks to this, and the needle being so small, patients experience very minimal discomfort throughout treatment. You may feel a slight pinching sensation for a second, but that’s generally it!

Where Can Dysport Be Injected?

This treatment is commonly used to target the lines and creases around the eyes, on the forehead, and between the eyebrows. We may inject in several areas, or only one. During a consultation, you can let us know where your concerns are and we can formulate a plan tailored to your needs.

What Results Can I Expect?

After treatment, the skin over the targeted muscles will become less wrinkled and much smoother. You will be left looking more polished and a lot younger. Since the untreated areas of the face will still contract normally, your facial expressions will still look natural and active, so you don’t have to worry about looking frozen or stiff.

How Long Is Recovery?

This treatment doesn’t require a long recovery period, which makes it perfect for those who can’t take a break from work or carve out time from their hectic schedules. Patients can generally resume normal actives immediately following treatment and even drive themselves home or back to work. Some patients may notice a little swelling, which will quickly subside. They should not engage in any particularly strenuous exercise. Our expert team will offer specific advice if we believe you need to take any extra steps in your recovery.

When Will I See Results, and How Long Will They Last?

Following treatment, you can expect visibly smoother skin within the first few days, and full results generally appear within ten days. These changes last for about four months, and sometimes even a bit longer. After this period, you face will return to its previous appearance. This is why many patients seek this treatment on an ongoing basis. Some people even find they achieve the best results when they undergo multiple treatments!

If you’re interested in getting this treatment on a recurring basis, we’ll talk about how often you’ll need to come in. For some patients, this might be around six months, but it will depend on the individual. Whatever the verdict, it will be easy to work repeat sessions into your lifestyle thanks to how efficient treatment is.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Although most patients can see visible results after one session, some find they need multiple sessions to achieve their cosmetic goals. In our initial consultation, we will develop a treatment plan that outlines how many sessions you’ll need, what you can expect during the process, and steps you can take to maintain your results.

Why Do People Seek Out This Treatment?

Wrinkles can make you feel insecure and worried about how you look. Dynamic wrinkles in particular can make you scared to move your face too much in case you accentuate those deep lines. Suddenly you’re limiting how much you laugh, react to things, or move your face while you talk. If you’re young, early wrinkles caused by overly active facial muscles can be embarrassing as they make you seem older than you are. For some older patients, wrinkles are a clear sign of aging and leave them not recognizing the person looking back at them in the mirror.

This treatment can restore confidence and make you more comfortable in your own skin. When you’re not worried about how your face looks, you can spend more time enjoying life. These injections can get you back to a more youthful, familiar-looking version of you.

Is Dysport the Best Way for Me to Address Wrinkles?

There are many options out there that target wrinkles and lines on the face. A very similar product is Botox, which, like Dysport, is a neuromodulator. Both products offer injectable methods of reducing lines on the face. They are, however, made with unique formulas and require different dosage amounts. They may be used to treat slightly different skin concerns, and patients may respond better to one than the other.

You may have also considered dermal fillers. Unlike injectables, these work by filling out wrinkles and adding volume to them rather than by relaxing them. There are also many methods of rejuvenation target skin concerns from the outside only with serums and lasers. Dysport, in contrast, works from the inside out, targeting the muscles underneath the skin and confronting the source of the problem.

There many ways to get your skin looking more youthful and refreshed. To decide which treatment is right for you, book a consultation with our highly trained team in Charlotte and we can work together to figure out what wil
l be most effective for your skin.

Can This Treatment Be Used on Other Cosmetic Concerns?

This treatment targets dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by muscle contraction. But there are other factors that can cause wrinkles to appear. As you age, your skin weakens and loses elastic tissue such as collagen and elastin. You also lose hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring acid in the body which brings moisture to the skin, over time. This can cause the skin to become more coarse and wrinkled. Environmental factors such as sun damage, and lifestyle choices like drinking heavily, smoking, and an unbalanced diet, can further influence how the skin develops lines and wrinkles.

Since this treatment relaxes the muscles under the skin, it can’t be used to reduce wrinkles caused sagging, or sun damage. It also can’t address scarring, droopy eyelids, or thick facial oil. Luckily for you, here at Satin Med Spa, we offer a whole host of alternatives that can target whatever concerns you might have, including facelifts and fillers. Perhaps we can offer these treatments alongside your Dysport injections! If you want to find out about alternative or additional treatments, schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

This treatment is ideal for those looking for an easy, comfortable way to refresh their face and minimize dynamic wrinkles. Since these wrinkles aren’t necessarily linked to age or environment, candidates come from a diverse range of age brackets and lifestyles. Men and women alike seek out this treatment – in fact, men often have deeper dynamic wrinkles than women do.

If you’ve noticed dynamic wrinkles around your eyes and eyebrows in particular, and you’re seeking to correct this, you may be a good candidate for this treatment. It’s very suitable for those who haven’t noticed wrinkles in other areas of the face, as it’s so targeted to specific areas. If you’re looking to keep most of your face emotive and lively, this treatment could be a great option.

If you suffer from allergies, and in particular you’re allergic to ingredients found in the injectable formula or protein, you may not be a good candidate. During a consultation, we’ll thoroughly examine your medical history and any preexisting conditions to ensure this is the safest option available to you. Women who are pregnant, planning on falling pregnant, or breastfeeding, should not receive these injectables. Our expert team can offer advice as to when you can start up treatment.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you’re done with deep lines and wrinkles and want to achieve a more youthful, polished face, Dysport can help you. By targeting muscles under the skin, it can get to the root of your concerns quickly and effectively. Contact us at Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC, and book a consultation so you can learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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