Which Type of Juvederm Is Right for You?

Your skin is aging. You’re experiencing volume loss. You want sculpted cheeks. You want fuller lips. You want to get rid of lines. You want your profile to look different. If you can relate to any of these wants, we can help you get exactly that. At Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC, we are proud to offer Juvederm, a highly esteemed brand of dermal fillers that will erase lines and wrinkles and enhance your features so you can feel beautiful in your skin.

Which Type of Juvederm Is Right for You?

This collection of dermal fillers treats the signs of aging and allows for the subtle, natural enhancement of facial features. If you want to treat the signs of aging that have begun to show up on your face as a result of volume loss, you will benefit from a dermal filler from this collection. If you want to enhance certain features of your face to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, you can also do so with one of these fillers.

Why Consultations Matter

The best way to determine which formulation from this family of dermal fillers is right for you is to schedule a consultation with an expert. Some formulations are designed to treat the same area of the face, yet only a skilled injector can determine which will be best for your needs based on your problem areas. Everyone’s face is different, which is why a customized treatment plan is an essential part of the process in determining which filler is right for you. Unless you are an expert in the field of dermal fillers, there is no easy way to determine which one of these formulations is best for your needs, especially when several can treat the same aging issues. This is why consultations matter so much. During this consultation, your injector will listen to your concerns, make sure that there is nothing in your health history that would disqualify you from treatment, and develop a plan that’s right for your needs.

The Different Types of Juvederm

There are five different formulations within this family of dermal fillers that treat different signs of aging in the face and enhance the features. These dermal fillers will treat and correct the signs of aging including the wrinkles that form around the lips, volume loss that leads to drooping, flat cheeks, and the lines and wrinkles that develop due to volume loss. These formulations can also enhance the lips by augmenting them or improve the chin for a better profile. We offer several of these at our office.

Lip Treatment: Vobella

Volbella is a formulation from this family of dermal fillers that specifically treats and corrects issues with the lips and lines around the mouth.

What Does It Do?

When injected into the lips, Volbella can augment them, giving you a fuller, defined, youthful-looking pout. This specific injectable provides those who don’t want to commit to a surgical procedure with the opportunity to get fuller lips quickly, without any downtime. It can also treat the lines that form around the mouth due to aging. These lines are called perioral lines, commonly referred to as lipstick lines, and are difficult to treat outside of dermal fillers

How Soon Will I See Results?

Once you are injected with Volbella, you will see an immediate improvement in the appearance of your perioral lines. If you choose Volbella as a way to augment your lips, they will be fuller immediately following your treatment. You won’t have to wait to see your results, but they will continue to improve in the days following your treatment as any swelling subsides and the filler ingredients settle into the skin.

How Long Do Results Last?

Results from Volbella injections will last up to one year with optimal treatment. As soon as you notice a change in your results at or near one-year post-treatment, you can schedule a touch-up treatment to maintain the most consistent-looking results.

Am I a Candidate?

If you are an adult in good health over the age of 21, and your lips have thinned due to aging, or you have genetically thin lips, or you just want fuller lips, Volbella may be the right dermal filler for your needs. Additionally, if you want to smooth the perioral lines that have developed around your mouth, this filler will give you the results you’re looking for. A consultation with an injector is the best way to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Cheek Treatment: Voluma

Voluma is a dermal filler from this collection that is designed to treat the cheeks, improve the appearance of etched-in lines, and restore volume to the mid-face area.

What Does It Do?

Voluma is a dermal filler that will lift and contour the cheeks. The aging process leads to volume loss, and this dermal filler provides those who have experienced flattening in the cheeks with the ability to once again have sculpted, contoured, youthful-looking cheeks. Voluma restores volume beneath the surface of the skin for a plumping and lifting effect like no other.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Once injected with Voluma, you will see an immediate improvement in your problem areas, specifically the cheeks and any etched-in lines in the area will be immediately smoothed.

How Long Do Results Last?

With optimal treatment, Voluma lasts for up to two years. Touch-up treatments once your results begin to fade is the best way to avoid any interruption in your results.

Am I a Candidate?

If you are noticing that your cheeks don’t look as youthful as they used to, or if you have experienced laxity in your mid-face area and have developed etched-in lines around the cheeks, you will benefit from Voluma. This FDA-approved formula is designed for those who are in good health, over the age of 21, and who want to improve the appearance of their cheeks and the lines that come with the aging process.

Fine Line Treatment: Juvederm Ultra

Juvederm Ultra treats smile lines and facial folds that form as a result of volume loss in the face. It can also be injected into the lips to add volume and definition.

What Does It Do?

Juvederm Ultra is designed to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles that develop in the form of smile lines. These smile lines are most commonly referred to as nasolabial folds and run from the outer corners of the nose to the outer corners of the mouth. It can also be used to add volume to the lips.

How Soon Will I See Results?

When this formulation is injected into the face, it will provide an immediate improvement in the appearance of smile lines and facial folds. When injected into the lips, it will provide an immediate plumping effect.

How Long Do Results Last?

With optimal treatment, this dermal filler will provide long-lasting results for up to one year. Touch-up treatments at or around this time are the best way to maintain your results and stay wrinkle-free.

Am I a Candidate?

If you’ve developed nasolabial folds or moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles on your face due to volume loss, you are most likely a candidate for this particular formulation. If you think that this dermal filler is right for you, you can discuss your concerns with an experienced injector during an initial consultation at our office.

Juvederm FAQ’s

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a collection of dermal fillers that treats volume loss in the face and also can enhance facial features such as the lips. It’s made of a crystal clear gel that contains a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid and is injected just below the surface of the skin to plump the skin from the inside out. It provides long-lasting and anti-aging results. We offer several of these formulations at our office so that you can look more youthful and reach all of your aesthetic goals.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body to keep the skin supple and
hydrated. During the aging process, the body starts to produce less of the substance over time, and the skin response with volume loss, facial lines, wrinkles, and sagging or drooping skin.

How Do These Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers plump the skin from below the surface to restore volume for long-lasting results.

What Happens During Treatments?

During your treatment, the injector will first cleanse the areas that are going to be treated and will then administer the injections.

How Long Do Treatments Take?

Injectable appointments are relatively quick and take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to complete depending on how many areas you choose to have treated. The benefit of quick appointment times is that you will not have to plan your day around your cosmetic injectable appointment. You can schedule at a time that works best for your needs.

What Do Injections Feel Like?

These injectables are held inside of a syringe that has a very fine needle. The fine needle combined with the fact that most of these formulations contain lidocaine, which is a numbing agent, helps ensure the most comfortable experience possible. If needed, we can apply a topical numbing gel to your skin before the injection to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Will I Look Natural?

Cosmetic injectables provide results but those results are only as good as the injector administering them. You will get the most natural results from an injector who is experienced and who understands facial anatomy. When you choose our office for your injections, you can rest assured that you will be treated by experts who are skilled in this field.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is very minimal downtime associated with cosmetic injectables, if any at all. If you do experience any swelling post-injection, you can apply ice to the area following your treatment. During your appointment, your injector will provide you with a detailed description of the aftercare instructions that need to be followed for the best results.

Start Your Anti-Aging Treatment Plan Today

If you are over the age of 21, and you have begun to notice the signs of aging on your skin, know that you don’t have to live with them. If you want to enhance certain features on your face, one of these dermal fillers will help you do just that. Call Satin Med Spa in Charlotte, NC at 704-365-3588, to schedule an initial consultation with one of our injectors to see which one of these Juvederm formulations is right for you.

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